A group that focuses on the recovery, not the diagnosis 

No Stigma Network, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization

We say


to the stigma associated with mental illness

NO to the belief that mental illness means a person cannot live a fulfilling life with a satisfying career and healthy relationships

NO to the shame, guilt, and fear that comes from ignorance of the fact that mental illnesses are physically-based illnesses

Our Mission

No Stigma Network, Inc. is dedicated to eliminating stigma and bias associated with mental illness through support, advocacy, education, and outreach. 

Our Vision

No Stigma Network, Inc. envisions a society where individuals with mental illness can live a healthy, happy, independent, stable and productive life through self-advocacy, education, and support.  It is our dream that society will gain knowledge and understanding of mental illness, which will allow all persons to be treated as equals in every aspect of life.        

YES to building and maintaing a sturdy foundation of mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being

NO to the assumption that mental illness is weakness of character

YES to sharing

who we are in an accepting environment, feeling supported and understood

 YES to the opportunity to belong to a positive, growing organization and community of peers

YES to hope and a future full of promise!

Contact Us

Location: Monmouth County, NJ 

Email: nostigmanetwork@gmail.com

Visit our contact page for more information

NSN trip to the Liberty Science Center 2015
NSN Annual Picnic 2015

Enthusiastically we say YES to the fantastic potential that we see in all our members !!!

NSN Open Space Pace 2016

All NSN programs and services (support group meetings, social activities, trips, and outreach events) are provided free of charge to our members.  In addition, NSN offers a scholarship program to assist our members who are in need.  We supply donated or purchased items or monetary funding to those who need transportation, basic supplies for their home, or personal items. NSN facilitators, board members, and advisors freely give their time to the organization.  NSN relies on community support for funding to run our programs. 

"Your vision is what you see... 

Your goal is what you do with your vision... 

Your future is what you do with your vision and goals.."

Founder and President of NSN, Shrabanee Shah