NSN is a group filled with supportive, caring, and positive members who have helped me deal with the struggles of my anxieties. NSN has encouraged me to have a positive outlook on life and to never give up!

Jennifer M

YAAC Member

NSN has helped me to grow as a person and the peer support has given me ideas on how to cope.

Sara H

YAAC Member

Finding NSN has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The group has helped me gain confidence and friends.

Riley B

YAAC Member

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What's the yak about YAAC?

NSN provides a unique opportunity for young adult members to participate in determining the structure and content of NSN programs. The Young Adult Advisory Committee is comprised of 3-4 young adult members who have shown commitment to the mission and vision of NSN, plus a member of the NSN Executive Board.

Linda VanMelis

YAAC Advisor

The most satisfying part of my work with NSN is meeting with the YAAC members. Whether we discuss the support meetings, social events, outreach, or other subjects relating to mental health, the young adults' perspective is always fresh and insightful. Creativity rules as we plan events or activities.  

The members are the best source of input for steering NSN's programs.  Their experiences as young adults living with mental health challenges inform us about how NSN can empower them.  Growing to maturity in this age of rapid change can be unsettling.  Having a mental illness multiplies the obstacles on the road. By allowing our young members to "try out" their ideas and solutions with empathetic guidance, they are safe while moving forward. They benefit immensely from knowing they have significantly contributed to the programs of our nonprofit organization.

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The Young Adult Advisory Committee discusses the needs of the support group, and proposes social activities and outreach events, guided by the goal of fighting stigma while enhancing their own wellness and growth. 

The YAAC contributes to NSN their awareness of issues faced by young adults in the “real world”, as well as their perspective on current technological and cultural trends.